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Dual Rey x Spookys CashLTE $284,410, PE: $807,175+ by Miss N Cash
2011 Sorrel Stallion, 6 Panel Genetic Test: N/N

Reyzin The Cash Joins Forces With PCCHA

The 2023 PCCHA Reyzin The Cash Derby will include a $100,000 Reyzin The Cash Incentive

Reyzin The Cash and the Iron Rose Ranch Step Up Big Time and Add $100,000 to the First Ever South Point Super Futurity.

The PCCHA and Iron Rose Ranch are excited to announce the Reyzin The Cash breeding incentive during the inaugural South Point Super Futurity during the 2023 Holy Cow Performance Horses Futurity.

This all started with a couple of thoughts sketched out on a bar napkin in the Cinch Saloon overlooking the South Point Arena a few months ago. “What if we put together a limited 100 slot 3-year old open class in addition to our current show lineup at this year’s Holy Cow Performance Horses Futurity,” PCCHA Treasurer John Echeverria, said. “And what if we make it where the winner could potentially go home with $100,000?”

With the help of Katie Banuelos, Rock Hedlund, and a litany of other critical players, this idea came to fruition and the South Point Super Futurity was born. This high-stakes, high-reward, one go-round and a finals will be the kick-off of the 2023 PCCHA Holy Cow Performance Horses Futurity. Initially the payout was estimated to be nearly a half of a million dollars in cash and prizes once all 100 slots were purchased, but now that pot just significantly increased!

The Iron Rose Ranch and their stallion Reyzin The Cash just signed an incentive deal with the PCCHA to add an additional $100,000 to the South Point Super Futurity and eligibility is a simple breeding away. Any horse, regardless of breeding or sex, whose owner has a paid-up 2024 breeding to Reyzin the Cash is qualified for the Reyzin the Cash South Point Super Futurity Incentive Program. The 2024 breeding must be paid in full prior to 3:00 PM the day before the Super Futurity first round. The go-round is currently scheduled to begin at 8:00 AM September 21, 2023.

The $100,000 will be dispersed down to the top six places whose owners have paid for the 2024 breeding. The incentive will be paid out as follows: 1st- $50,000, 2nd- $25,000, 3rd-$10,000, 4th-6th -$5,000.

“This is a substantial sponsorship and it means that a full South Point Super Futurity could pay $150,000 to the winner,” Katie Banuelos said. “This is a game changer and all of us at the PCCHA cannot thank the Iron Rose Ranch enough for jumping in to support this new event.”